Update 2021-07-16: Site moved to Github Pages
Update 2020-03-28: The site's address changed to purple.awardspace.biz

Purple is an old platformer I made in 2009 using Game Maker. I recommend
watching my video playthrough or DocFirebird's playthrough.
If you want to play it yourself, keep this in mind:

  1. The game doesn't save at every level, so you have to beat a whole world
    in order to save your progress. However, there are infinite continues.
  2. It's sometimes unfairly hard. Especially World 7 and the Boss Rush.
  3. It cannot be 100%-ed due to several bugs. There are a lot of bugs overall.
The current version of the game is not supported anymore.
There are a few other playthroughs of my past games on my YouTube channel.

Download Purple

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